St. Luke's Church is located in Kotor, in the northern part of Old Town.

The church is one of the city's oldest structures, built in 1195. Its appearance blends Roman and Byzanthine architecture. The church's walls used to be decorated with frescas, although now only a few fragments along the southern wall remain. However, icons, the royal gates and the cross, all created in XVII-XVIII centuries, were all preserved.

Initially St. Luke's church was a Catholic church, but in the mid-XVII century the Orthodox population of Grbal fled the region from the Turkish oppression and landed in Kotor. After that, Orthodox services were allowed to be held at the church. Since then the church has two altars — Orthodox and Catholic — and until early-XIX century both Orthodox and Catholic services were regularly performed.

Eventually the church became fully dedicated to the Orthodox branch. Today it's part of the Montenegrin Mitropolis of the Serbian Catholic church.

The church is open for visitors.