The Church of the Nativity of Mary (or the Church of Chipura) is locates between the museum of king Nikola and the Cetinje Monastery.

The church was founded in 1886 by then-knyaz (and since 1910 — king) of Montenegro Nikola I Petrovic Njegos and stands where the monastery of Crnojevic once stood. Due to mistakes during construction, the church had to be immediately rebuilt, and as such the opening was delayed by 4 years — to 1890.

This is the burial site of king Nikola himself (who died in 1921), as well as his wife Milena and their two children. Until 1989 the remains of the members of the royal family were kept in San Remo (Italy) in a Russian Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The church also serves as the burial site of the founder of Cetinje, Ivan I Crnojevic.

Since 2012 the church is part of the Historical museum of Montenegro.