The home-museum of the Petrovic-Njegos famile is located at the bottom of the Lovcen mountain, near the Njegusi village, in a place called Erakovici. You can get there from Cetinje, traveling around 18km northwest along the mountain ridge.

This is where the great ruler and Mitropolite of Montenegro, Peter II Petrovic-Njegos, was born and raised.

This stone house, typical of the area, is an accurate depiction of how a wealthy family loved in the XIX century. Inside are era-appropriate furniture, cookware, various household items, weapons and outfits of the time. Interestingly, it's the weapons that were considered the premier decoration of any Montenegrin house.

You can also see the reproductions and literature works made by Peter II Njegos, as well as the leader's sculture courtesy of Croatian architect Ivan Mestrovic (who is also responsible for the mausoleum at the Lovcen mountain).

The museum is open to tourists from April to late-November. Admission fees are 2 Euros for adults, 1 Euro for children and students.