The Subra mountain club is is located in the mountains a couple kilometers north of Herzeg Novi.

The club hosts walking and bike tours on the Orjen mountain ridge. It also spealizes in mountainclimbing, speleology and trainrunning.

The mountain club owns 2 hostels for the visitors' convenience:

  • The first one — "Za Vratlom" is at the starting point of the Orjen-Lovcen-Rumija tourist path, in the southern part of the Orjen ridge. The building has 7 common rooms, 50 beds, a large cafeteria and a kitchen. "Za Vratom" is used for both single-day and multi-day trips along the Orjen.
  • The second hostel — "Orjen Sedlo" — is in the central part of the Orjen ridge. It has 2 common rooms, 20 beds, a cafeteria and a kitchen. It's also used for trips along the Orjen mountain ridge.

For more information on pricing refer to the club's website. They publish information on upcoming tours on their Facebook group.