The Plava Spilja (or the Blue Grotto) is located south of Herceg Novi. You can only reach it by sea: from the central bays of Herceg Novi and the nearby Igalo, or from Zanjic and Mirista beaches on the Lustica peninsula. The trip to the landmark is often included in the trips to the Mamula fort and the Zanjic beach.

The Blue Grotto is a unique Montenegran landmark. Thanks to a special pattern of light reflection in sunny weather, the water and even the walls of the grotto turn an unbelieveably beautiful shade of blue. The tourists can not only gaze at this amazing natural effect from a boat, but also dive into its crystal-clear water.

The grotto is 300 sq. m. big and 25m high. Tourist boats can only enter the grotto in sunny weather with no waves.