Tvrđava Španjola is a fortress outside the Old Town in Herceg Novi. It is accessible on foot or by car, take the turn to Sbrina street from Jadranska magistrala and follow the signs.

The fortress was founded by the Spanish during their short rule in 1538-1539, and over the course of the next decade its construction was taken care of and finalized by the Ottoman empire. Some sources contain references to another name of the fortress, Gorni Grad (or the Upper Town) which connected to the lower town of Herceg Novi by an underground tunnel. Other than the Ottoman empire, at various times the fortress was owned by the Venetian Republic, France, Austro-Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

The fortress is now abandoned and no attempts are being made to preserve it. It is accessible for everyone. The fortress has a marvelous view of the town and the bay.