The Art Museum of Montenegro is part of the National museum of Montenegro and is located in the former government building (Vladin dom).

The museum owns over 3500 exhibits, and notable among them are the collection of Montenegrin and Yugoslavian art of XIX-XX centuries, a collection of icons, the art collection of Milica and Svetozar Vukmanovic (government official and the leader of the Yugoslavian partisan movement).

A separate hall — the Blue Chapel — hosts an important Orthodox relic: the icon of St. Mary, mother of Jesus. It's claimed that it was written in the year 46 by St. Luke, and that it's the last depiction of St. Mary during Her (earthly) life. It's notable that, after traveling around the world, since the end of the XVIII century and right until the Russian Revolution the icon belonged to the Russian royal family of Romanovs. It's in that period that the icon was decorated with gold and precious gems.

After the revolution the icon, along with other Christian relics, made it to Montenegro, where it was held in secret fitst in the Ostrog monastery, and then in the vault of the National museum of Cetinje. Now anyone can see the icon.

The museum works for the entire year, admission fee is 4 Euro.