A small local museum (also called Gradski muzej Mirko Komnenović) is located in a building formerly belonging to an honorary citizen of Herceg Novi — Mirko Komnenovic. His family built the mansion in the XVIII century. Mirko and his spouse Olga gave it away to the city to repurpose into a museum, donating the income to help foster children. The museum opened to the public in 1953.

The museum takes up several halls on 2 floors of the mansion.

The ground floor is dedicated to the history of the town, from foundation to the end of World War II. Several archeological finds from antiquity and the Middle Ages are also presented there: dishes, decorations and even stone bas-reliefs that once were part of ancient temples.

The second floor exhibition consists of a couple of halls decorated with furniture and household items, showcasing a typical living space for a wealthy family at the end of the XIX century. Also presented are folk Montenegran outfits, weapons, a collection of beautyware and accessories, as well as a hall with icons from Greece, Russia and Montenegro.

There's a entry free: 3 Euro for adults, 1 Euro for children under 12.