Beer Restaurant Pivnica Nik Gold
Beer Restaurant Pivnica Nik Gold
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Translation: Sarah Skel

A commonplace Montenegrin restaurant by the picturesque seashore with a modest interior and plain exterior, rustic roughly hammered together benches and tables wearing fading burgundy tablecloths. But it is not as simple as it may first seem.

First of all, the restaurant is there by the sea, and that’s its main catch. We recommend it for lovers of good old promenade by the sea when the heat of the day wears off. Even if you are with kids, for during the summer months a walk along the seafront may burst into treasures untold, including this place.

Second of all, owners of the place have livened up the restaurant’s looks by planting a small pond and a wooden house in the restaurant’s backyard. Getting a table by the pond and the house would be a huge mistake, for there are always kids, running and yelling. But watching your kids run and yell from afar while enjoying your drink would be a pleasure, the one so rare among happy parents. That’s the second catch.

The menu is on the unsophisticated side: grilled meat, fish, fried potatoes, spaghetti (carbonara costs EUR 8), pizzas, BBQ chicken wings, chorba soups (ranging between EUR 2 to EUR 3 per serving), and salads. The servings are generous, the foods is made with soul, may not a very exquisite one, but good and honest. The pricing is modest enough, neither low nor too high, and is acceptable. The average bill is EUR 12-14 per person unless you order some expensive wine or too much juice for your kids.

Beer Restaurant Pivnica Nik Gold, Budva

On the inside, the restaurant is decorated with antiquities customary to local everyday life. If you get tired of eyeing the place while waiting for your order, your waiter will bring a bowl of warm bread and cornbread buns and kayamak (semi-cheese or semi-butter, a local specialty), and you will find it enjoyable, take my word. The waiters are attentive and friendly but they tend to be overdoing it, if you know what I mean. But that is sort of understandable: they want to be tipped well. Not every visitor is poised to tip high, though, and the disappointment on the faces of some waiters is almost unavoidable.

Beer lovers will appreciate fresh tap beer, there as many as the whole two kinds of it (that is a lot for Montenegro!): dark and lager. They have a good selection of wines. The traditional Vranac and Podgoricko bjelo are made company by Croatian, Serbian, and Macedonian wines.

What I personally appreciate about this place is the decently compounded playlist of quality hits and ballads of the past decades as opposed to the traditional exquisite melancholy or exuberant joy of local folklore.

All in all, the place has everything we like.

p.s. never order grilled calamari. It’s always unpalatable and tastes bitter.

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