The Ethnographic museum of Montenegro is located in Cetinje in the former Serbian embassy building and is part of the National Museum of Montenegro.

The museum was founded in 1951, and at first its exhibits were kept in the Biljarda. Then, after the 1979 earthquake, they were moved to the former government building, also known as Vladin dom. In 1986 the Cetinje municipal government handed the former Serbian embassy building over to the National museum, and the building was adapted for museum's needs in 2002.

Despite its small size, the museum's collection of exhibits is over 4400 items. The permanent exhibition takes up two floors. The exhibits show regular lives of Montenegri people, mainly rural, from mid-XIX to mid-XX century. You can see Montenegri folk outfits, weapons, decorations, furniture, cookware, textile and musical instruments.

The museum is open throughout the year, admission fee is 3 Euro.