THe Lovcen National Park is one of Montenegro's premier landmarks. It's located on the mountain of the same name, a couple kilometers west of Cetinje. The Lovcen park covers the central (highest) part of the mountain ridge.

This territory was proclaimed as a national park in 1952 to protect the unique local flora, as well as historical, cultural and architectural heritage of Montenegro.

The mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic-Njegos, the sightseeing platform, as well as the birthplace and home-museum of the Petrovic-Njegos royal family is located there. On the road to the mountaintop you can enjoy breathtaking views to the mountains and the Bay of Kotor, located at the feet of Kotor and Cetinje.

You can get to the park as part of a tour group or on your own by car. Admission is 2 Euro per person, plus an extra 5 Euro to visit the mausoleum and the sightseeing platform.

The Vladika restaurant is also on the park's grounds, near the Njegos mausoleum.