The Island of Flowers, also known as Miholjska Prevlaka, is located some 4 km to the south-west of Tivat. It connects to the mainland with a narrow neck of land. To get there, one can go on foot, by bus or by car.

Archaeological findings witness that the first settlements on the isle appeared back in the Bronze age. The first Christian churches were built on the island In the IV-VI c. B.C.
Between the XIII and XV cc., the island used to host the Monastery of Holy Archangel Mikhail, which was the residence of the orthodox Metropolitan of Zeta, a middle-age Serbian principality. Later, the monastery was taken down by Venetians, and all monks killed and the island abandoned.

During the first half of the XIX c. an attempt was made to revive the monastery and the island in general. The Holy Trinity Church was built, with flowers and fruit trees planted around it.
Later, during the times of socialist Yugoslavia, the Island roomed a wellness resort for the military. It was then that the island acquired its alias, the Island of Flowers; after the collapse of Yugoslavia and the outbreak of hostilities, the island was occupied by Bosnian fugitives.

These days, the island has a functional Holy Trinity Church, the partially reconstructed Monastery of Holy Archangel Mikhail (reconstruction works are still underway), and the numerous houses and buildings occupied by Bosnians. There is a sand and pebbles beach going around the island, a private pier and restaurants