The Holy Trinity Church is located on Miholjska prevlaka (the Island of Flowers) several kilometers outside Tivat

The Church was constructed in the first half of the XIV c. when countess Ekaterina Vlastelinović who wished to restore the Monastery of Holy Archangel Mikhail which had been ruined in the XV c. and to honor the memory of the monks who had been killed there, bought out part of Miholjska prevlaka  and embarked on its recovery. By 1833, the construction of the church was completed, and it was consecrated.

However the countess ran out of money and time before the reconstruction was completed. The counted was killed under questionable circumstances in 1847, and reconstruction works were put on hold for more than a hundred years. The countess is buries near the church, and her tomb attracts orthodox pilgrims.

These days, the Holy Trinity Church is a functional church with four monks, several novices, and regular services. The church is the keeper of remains of seventy Prevlaka martyrs, the monks who were killed during the massacre in the Monastery of Holy Archangel Mikhail in the XV c.