St. Mark's  Island (also known as Stradioti) is located several kilometers to the south of Tivat close to the Island of Flowers.

First references to the island date back to the VII c. The island was said to have had several churches. At that time, this place was known as the island of Saint Gabriel in tribute to the Church of St. Gabriel which used to sit on top of the island’s highest hill.

Later, during the reign of the Venetian republic, the island hosted a camp of venetian soldiers of Greek provenance and got its Greek name of "Stradioti", which translates from Greek as "solider".

The island acquired its contemporary name in the middle of the XX century. In 1963, the island was rented by Club Méditerranée, a French hotel chain, as the place for an exclusive tourist village under the name of St. Mark’s. The island had individual cane huts and almost no amenities at all. This unhackneyed way to spend a vacation was popular with travelers from all over the world. However, after the collapse of Yugoslavia and the outbreak of hostilities, the resort was mothballed and abandoned, and the island is now uninhabited.

To get to the island, one may rent a boat.