Tvrđava Goražda (Goražda Fortress) can be seen on the way from Tivat to Kotor. The fortress was built in 1886 and was owned by the Austro-Hungarian empire. Later and until 1990, it belonged to the Yugoslav Army.

What makes this fortress interesting is the way it is built. Most of its part is underground, and its roofs are covered in earth and greenery making the fortress practically invisible in the mountains. The fortress itself has a good view of Tivat, Kotor, and Vrmac mountain range, which played an essential role during military operations. On top of the fortress, there is an armoured coupola, the main weapon of the fortress which provided for all-round fire.

Today, the fortress is in a state of decline and is accessible for everyone. Even that the fortress is in a relatively good condition, visitors are advised to be cautions, for there may be some open wells on the ground floor.