Feast by the Sea
Feast by the Sea
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Translation: Vera Root

Chilled white wine slowly poured in shiny glass, tiny bubbles rise and burst; slices of sugary watermelon are melting on a plate with ice cubes. You take a sip, look at a sailboat, magically disappearing into sunset, inhale salty sea air and think “Yes, vacation was nice!”
Then waiter brings your order: steak salad and sizzling hot pizza, and now you know what does complete happiness feels like.
All this is waiting for you in Big Ben cafe in Tivat.

The ‘Big Ben’ opened in 1991 and been very popular among tourists and locals ever since. Food is tasty, portions are big, and prices are fair: no wonder that even on winter evening you may not find a free table.

The restaurant is on the seafront, nearby Waikiki beach club, in Donja Lastva area of Tivat. First floor is divided in two parts: open (under the roof) and closed. Even in summer heat it is nice and cool inside, air conditioners are working properly. The second floor is partially under the open sky. Half of the terrace is covered, and huge umbrellas protect the other half from the sun. It is best to admire the gorgeous views of the Kotor Bay from the second floor, make sure you book a table there well in advance.

And don't be late, the Big Ben is one of those places, where you want to try as many dishes as possible. The steak salad, that I mentioned before, is excellent. All pizzas, cream soups, meat and fish plates are delicious; and they serve the best Fish and Chips (well, outside the UK): tender pieces of white fish, fried in batter, a big helping of French fries and fresh tartar sauce — you will want to lick your fingers! The Big Ben has a vast dessert menu. Traditional pancakes are superb, but we recommend Belgian-style apple-cinnamon waffles with ice cream on top.

Wine list will surprise you, there are unusual and rare varieties from all Balkan countries, that you will not find in other restaurants. Beer — bottled and draft — is a popular choice for everyone from morning to midnight.

Breakfasts are especially good here: scrambled eggs, omelettes, sandwiches or just cereal with milk. Freshly squeezed juices, homemade ice cream and aromatic coffee are great addition to any meal.

City’s popular and well-equipped beaches are right in front of the restaurant. Choose any and dive into your best holiday!

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Cocktails — from 4.20 to 9 euros
Beer — from 1.70 to 3.60 euros
Wine — from 3 euros per glass to 26 euros per bottle
Strong alcoholic beverages — from 1.20 to 7 euros
Tea, coffee, soft drinks — from 80 cents to
Appetizers — from 3.30 to 6.70 euros
Soups — 2.50 euros
Salads — from 2.20 to 8.30 euros
Pizza — from 3.90 to 8.10 euros
Pasta — from 5.30 to 8.80 euros
Meat dishes — from 7.20 to 14.90 euros
Fish — from 6.10 to 15.90 euros
Sides — from 2 euros to 3 euros
Breakfast — from 2.70 to 3.90 euros
Sandwiches — from 2.70 to 3.50 euros
Homemade dressings and salsas — 1.5 euro
Ice cream, desserts — from 80 cents to 4.20 euros

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