Ulcinj Riviera
Ulcinj Riviera
Most interesting beaches
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Natalia Nemsadze
Translation: Vera Root

Ulcinj, the southernmost part of the Montenegrin coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches and various water sports. The most popular is an amazing Ada Bojana, the river flowing into the Adriatic, and Velika Plaža, fantastic vacation spot.

Mala Plaža

Right under the walls of the Old Town of Ulcinj lays a small sandy beach. It is quiet and romantic with scenic views of the blue-green sea, ancient architecture and a pier. But since this is the main city public beach, it has all the infrastructure, restaurants, cafes and parking.

Mala Plaža, Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro

Velika Plaža

Velika Plaža is rightly called the biggest coastal vacation destination in Montenegro, it can fit up to 15,000 people. The length of the beach is impressive, 13 kilometers (8 miles), it stretches almost to the Albanian border. It is believed that the local sand, which has a volcanic origin and is rich in minerals, has healing properties, it is helpful in the treatment and prevention of rheumatism, arthritis and muscle diseases.

The beach is well equipped, there are trendy cafes, restaurants, campgrounds, dance areas and much more.

Velika Plaža, Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro

Plaža Copacabana

Velika Plaza is conventionally divided into many separate beaches, the most famous of which is the central Copacabana. Unlike the infamous Brazilian namesake, Ulcinj’s Copacabana is not a party place, but just a comfortable place for a beach holiday in Montenegro. The shallow water makes it an ideal paddling pool for little children, and there is also an amusement park.

Good conditions for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing attract sport lovers. An international jury assessing the quality of beaches and the purity of water around the world awarded the Copacabana the Blue Flag.


A cozy pebble beach at the Hotel Albatross is open to everybody. This is a picturesque bay surrounded by green mountain slopes.
There are sun beds, umbrellas and a fenced area for nudist bathers.

Plaža Borova šuma

On the rocky Ratislav peninsula, at the southern part of Ulcinj, under the ancient trees hides a tiny beach Borova šuma — Pine Forest. Unbelievably clear water is perfect for diving, and the pine-unfused air is healing for respiratory diseases.

The beach is equipped with umbrellas, chaise lounges, showers and even a pier for boats.

Plaža Kruče

A pebble coastline near village of Kruče is a good choice for people who like peace and quiet, the beach does not have much infrastructure, just a few cafes, sunbathers enjoy privacy and harmony with nature.

Plaža Liman

Liman is the name of the two neighboring beaches. A tiny — only 80 meters (262 feet) — Liman-I is located north of the Ulcinj Old Town. It has a cafe and sun beds, but there is nowhere to park your car.

The Liman-II is more popular and not only because it has a parking space. It is a bit larger and offers more for an active pastime, boat excursions, fishing trips, scuba diving, and there is a good pizzeria with an open terrace by the sea.

Plaža Valdanos

A naturally rocky beach in a bay surrounded by olive groves. There is no infrastructure, so it is not crowded, but diving enthusiasts like this place because of the sunken ships at the bottom of the sea.

Ladies Beach

This is a unique place, hot underwater springs saturated with hydrogen sulfide and iodine, warm up the sea all year around. In ancient times people noted the healing effect of water, and in the XX century scientists had actually confirmed that it has a positive effect on the female reproductive system.

The name of the beach states the truth, only women allowed here. The beach is hidden from prying eyes by thick trees and rocks, it is partially concreted, with steps to the water. There are sun beds, umbrellas, changing rooms, bathrooms and cafes, all for the entrance fee of 1,5 Euros.

Nudist beach Ada Bojana

The nudist beach on the Ada Bojana River is considered one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations. It offers windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and other activities, sun loungers and umbrellas. Right behind the beach there is a whole nudist village with hotel rooms and bungalows.

Nudist beach Ada Bojana, Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro

This is our most interesting beaches near Ulcinj, but do not limit your choice only to this list, on our website you can find the information about the whole coast of Montenegro.

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Fun Ulcinj beaches